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14 State Prayer Outreach

        This August 2006 Outreach Pastor Kristin and Chris attend the Joy Conference (A worship conference) in Arkansas.  Through much prayer we decided to drive to Arkansas.  One thing that we found amazing as the Lord was directing our drive for this trip was that we were going to be in many state capitols.  We knew this is not an accident  and  we were excited about the path that the Lord had placed before us on this trip.  As with all our previous outreaches we took along gospel tracks attached to gift items such as jewelry we have made and magnets.  We believed however that prayer would be a large focus of this trip.  Since we were in the capitols of many of the 14 states we decided to take some time for prayer and intercession at each states capitol that we will be at.  In the states where we were not  in a capitol we prayed and worshiped  in a park.

        Before we left we got some prayer requests from people in the states we were in and prayed for them at those states.  We prayed for the government, the people, the churches, revival and for unity in the body of Christ.  Most of the states where we could go up to the capitol we anointed their front steps and prayed right on the steps.  We got a few funny looks from some of the government employees but no one tried to stop us, praise God!   A couple of the capitols were under construction.  So at those capitols we had to pray outside of the fence.

        We had a wonderful time at the Joy Conference.  It was a time of worship and refreshing.  We were so blessed to be able to help their too.  I would highly suggest this conference to anyone involved in worship arts! 

        Here is a list of the States we went to and prayed at:


July 28th Washington State and Oregon

July 29th Idaho *, Utah *

July 30th  Wyoming *, Colorado *

July 31st Kansas*

August 1st Missouri, Arkansas

August 2nd-4th Volunteer work

August 4th-6th  at Joy Conference (If you would like more information about this wonderful worship arts conference click here)

August 7th back in Missouri

August 8th Nebraska *, Iowa, South Dakota (worship at park in evening)

August 9th  South Dakota *, North Dakota *

August 10th Montana

August 11th Montana

August 12th Idaho (northern this time), Washington State

August 13th Spokane Washington worship in Park  (We went to River Park for a time of worship...we took Chris's  Ukulele and Worship flags!)


This was a long trip and we ended up covering over 6000 miles of our beautiful country!  We will continue to pray for the states we were in and pray that God will bless those we met along the way and the do the Lord's will for their lives. 

Outreach Email


Outreach Report:

The prayer outreach in all the state capitols went well.  We were able to pray for each state, their government, and their people.  We also prayed for revival to start in those states.  Many of the state capitols we prayed at we actually got to walk write up to the front and anoint the steps.  It was a blessing to be able to do that!  There were only a couple capitols where we could not reach the steps due to construction but in those states we did anoint the grounds outside the construction.  In the states where we prayed in a park we were also able to anoint the ground.  In the state of Montana we prayed at the head waters of the Missouri river and anointed the river as we prayed not only for that state but for all the states that that river goes through.  We spent some time there in worship.  Chris played his ukulele while I waved a streamer.  In the middle of our outreach trip we were blessed to be able to help Wendy and Duncan Campbell with the Joy Conference.  It was a blessing to be able to help and we so enjoyed the conference this year.  We were so blessed  by the whole ministry trip in fact that we wish we could be on the road for Jesus full time!   We are praying for the Lord to make a way where there seems to be no way!  I will be adding some of the praying pictures to this page soon as well as more information about the outreach.


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