Praise Reports have been moved to the Living Rock Ministries Forum!  Click here to go to the Living Rock Ministries Forum and Leave your praise report!  The following praise reports I will leave on this page just to show the miracles the Lord has done!  To God be all glory, honor and power forever and ever! Amen!

June 21, 2005 Liz wrote:

I want you to know that my previous prayer request for my mother has been honored by God Himself who can save beyond salvation, who can heal beyond healing and my mother has been completely healed. Her name is Firmina and my prayer request is posted on your site. Just to let you know that through your help she received a miracle. May God bless you and the work you do.

June 9, 2005

I received this note from someone who had requested prayer!  2 days after they had requested prayer!!!

"Thank You for your prayers. My prayers were answered!" name unknown

Praise God that he answers!

Pastor Kristin


I received a praise report from Madhavi from India on October 24, 2002 and she wrote that she had excepted the Lord Jesus as her savior.  She also wrote that she prayed the prayer on the Yeshua (Jesus) page.  Praise the Lord!!!!  

Lord God we thank you for Madhavi and for bringing her to Jesus.  We ask that you watch over her, lead her and guide her in her relationship with Jesus. Amen

Pastor Kristin

Praise the Lord!  Let everyone praise the name of the great I AM!  I thank the Lord for all He has done in my life this year!  He has given me an even greater vision for Living Rock Ministries .com and He has blessed me with more time to reach out to the hurting, lost, and lonely.  I wish I could sing online to show the Lord how much I love Him and how much I want to praise Him.  It is such a blessing to be able to share the Lord with all those people who visit this site and for those I meet.  Blessed, blessed, blessed be the name of our Lord and savior Yeshua!

Pastor Kristin  March 7, 2003

Lord God you are to be high and lifted up!  I praise you Lord God for the salvation of the two people who got saved this week!  Lord God thank you for saving the physical life of your daughter (who you know the name of) a couple days ago!  You are some awesome Lord God!  I praise you for the good work you have begun in all 3 lives mentioned in this praise!

Pastor Kristin June 4, 2003

God you truly are an awesome God!  You are the one who sets us free, saves us and guides our steps!  Lord God I want to praise you for all that you have done in the ministry!  Lord I thank you for taking Chris and I out to minister to others.  Lord you are great and greatly to be praised!  Lord God I thank you for keeping Chris and I safe as you would not allow the plane with the bad engine to take off.  We thank you that your hand was on the pilots and that you kept us and all 70 of the other passengers safe when Chris and I were on our way home from our ministry trip to Idaho.  Lord as we fly to other places it is our prayer that you go with us and that if there is anything wrong with a plane that you would make it so it does not take off.  Thank you so much Lord God!  We bless your Holy Name!

Pastor Kristin September 22, 2003

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