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Church and Ministry Helps Ministry Outreach

We love to be able to use our talents and gifts that the Lord has given us to be able to help out Churches and Ministries so that they can reach more people for Jesus!  If you have a need in your church or ministry that we may be able to help with please contact us. 

Here are some example of what we have done:

In recent years Kristin and Chris have been blessed to be able to help with items ranging from practical helps like cleaning, painting and fixing things in churches and for ministries to helping with worship, playing music, teaching and preaching.  As our ministry is outreach minded we love to be able to help with outreach projects such as street ministry, worship conferences, and community outreach.  If you would like Kristin and Chris to help with a project your church or ministry is involved in please contact us.  Also if you would like to have Kristin and Chris come to your church or ministry and teach on any other the following subjects we would be glad to recieve your request.  Just go to our contact page to find out how to reach us.

Subject we have taught on:

Living a life of Worship:  Worshiping the Lord from the heart.  No longer are we bound to one form of worship, in a certain place at a certain time.  We  were created to have a relationship with a living God who calls us to worship every day.  Worship comes in many forms.  It is not just singing a hymn on Sundays or Wednesdays.  Let us come teach you what it is to live a life of Worship.

Worship Dance and Flags:  Adding worship flags and dance to your ministry can add a depth of worship to your services that you have never experienced before.  Dance has been an integral part of worship since ancient times.  It is only in the last few hundred years that this form of worship was taken out of churches.  Let us come share about the beauty that comes from worshiping the Lord in dance and the majesty that comes by raising a banner to the Lord.

Worship Dance and Flag Outreach:  Kristin and Chris have been worshiping the Lord through flags and dance for many years now.  One thing that we love to do is to take flags and dance and worship music out into the world.  We have done worship in parks, on beaches and in the streets.  Let us come teach you how you can reach the lost for Yeshua through this way of outreach.

Feast of the Bible:  Kristin has done research on the feasts of the Bible and the importance of keeping these feast in modern days.  She would love to come share with your church or group about the feasts in the Bible and how even in the New Jerusalem we will be celebrating these feast.

Spontaneous Worship:  Chris has been on many worship teams and has been the lead worshiper for Living Rock Ministries for several years.  Often times worship that is not planed is the best and deepest worship.  Chris can help teach worship teams and churches how to turn a simple cord progression into a  new song unto the Lord.   He can also show you how you can sing a line straight from the Bible and use it for your worship time.  Don't be trapped by just playing what is on a sheet of music.  Sing a new song unto the Lord.


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