Righteousness!  It is time the church lived what it stands for!

Resurrection Sunday- not Easter!

    Living in a small community my husband and I received several mass mailing postcards from local churches asking us to attend their "Easter" service.  This upset me greatly!  Why would she be upset you may be asking your self?  Or doesn't she believe in the Resurrection?  The answer is quite simple!   Yes I believe in the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Yeshua (Jesus)!  I also believe that we should celebrate the resurrection bringing honor and glory to God!  Here is what I don't believe in... Easter. 

    Easter is the name of a pagan goddess who was also know as Ishtar, Eostre, Eastra, and Ostara.  Each year at the at the Vernal Equinox pagan religions would celebrate the fertility goddesses ability to cause the god of vegetation, farming or planting to be reborn.  This gods name was know as Attis or Tammuz.  It is said that the weaping and mourning Ishtar does for Tammuz culminates in this fertility ritual time at the equinox.  This is where the name Easter comes from.  It does not come from the Word of God!  It is a pagan celebration where they do rituals for fertility. 

    It is said that around 300 AD the Christians began to have disagreements with those in pagan religions to whether Yeshua (Jesus) or the pagan god Tammuz (Attis) was the real resurrected deity.  This is around the time that Christians began to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus around the time of the Jewish Passover. 

    So why the bunnies and eggs?  These too are signs of fertility used in pagan religions.  Is it wrong to give our children Easter egg baskets and bunnies on resurrection Sunday?  The answer is simply YES!  Why should we as Christians standing for righteousness, believe solely on the word of God be adding pagan rituals into our celebrations?  We shouldn't!  We should simply celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior.

    I want to issue a challenge to all pastors around the world to begin to call your Easter Celebrations "Resurrection Sunday" and to begin to stand in righteousness not hindered by pagan beliefs.  Churches around the world have easter egg hunts, easter egg decorating contests, and some even give out bunnies to the children.  It is time we as the Bride of Christ demand that Ishtar not be celebrated or honored in our churches!  Celebrate Yeshua... not Ishtar and Tammuz.  God gave Ezekiel a vision of the temple in the future and here is what he saw:

Ezekiel 8
14 Then he brought me to the entrance to the north gate of the house of the LORD , and I saw women sitting there, mourning for Tammuz.

Read all of Ezekiel 8 and you will see even more similarities to churches of today who say they are standing in righteousness but bring idols in their temples!  I pray that all pastors who read this will take me up on this challenge for next year and will tear down the idol of jealousy (The celebration of false deities) in their temples and churches!

If you have any more questions or would like to know more about changing your celebration from Easter to Resurrection Sunday  feel free to email me at pastorkristin@livingrockministries.com



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