Micah the Ministry Monkey's Travels

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    Micah's home base is the home of Pastor Kristin and her Husband Chris's home.  He went on His first adventure on October 9th 2003 when he traveled across the country to attend a worship conference with Pastor Kristin. 

    Kids be sure to check back soon to see pictures of Micah at the worship conference and to hear his stories!

Micah sure enjoyed his trip to the Joy Worship Conference in October 2003 and now he would like to share with you all about it!  Click Here

Micah stayed home most of 2004 and took care of all the office work.  Pastor Kristin and Chris got to go to 13 different states.  In 2005 Micah is hoping to get some space in the suitcase so that he can go on the ministry trips!

*****UPDATE*****  Micah is hitting the road and is going to beat the 13 state travel of Pastor Kristin and Chris in 2005.  Micah will be traveling with both of them through 13 of the East Coast states in May!!!  He is so exited because that will make 14 states he will have been in this year!  As soon as he gets back he will post lots of fun pictures!

Micah was on the East Coast in May and who knows you may have seen him with Pastor Kristin or Chris!  Here are some fun pictures of their time on the East Coast.  It is Micah's prayer that every child in each of the states he visited will come to know Jesus as their savior.  Click here to see if he went to your state!

Micah's Travels

Micah's fun Bible Facts

Micah's Important Stuff to Know





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