Welcome to Living Rock Ministries Just 4 Kids Micah's important stuff to know page!

    Here is a list of the top ten things that Micah wants all children to know!

1. Jesus loves you!

2. Jesus will always be there when you call on Him!

3. You can live your life for Jesus!

4. You can be forgiven of all your sins because Jesus took them on the cross!  You just have to ask God to forgive    you when you make a mistake and do your best not to do the same thing again!

5. We all make mistakes but God gives us more chances!

6. When other people hurt us we should forgive them like God forgives us!

7. We should share the love that God gives us with everyone we meet!

8. The Holy Spirit will help us find our way!

9. Never be afraid to ask God a question!

10. God answers all your questions in His word...the Bible!

If you have a question for Micah please email him by clicking the link below!


Micah's Travels

Micah's fun Bible Facts

Micah's Important Stuff to Know





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